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We aim to double the global tree coverage – 1 trillion new trees planted before 2050, as well as providing: food, income, climate services and restored habitat, for nature and the many millions of tree planters.

As part of our ongoing three year project, we are building a crowdsourced and “real-life” game integrated project with the goal to double the tree coverage of the Earth. The benefits of the project are: the reversal of global warming, alleviation of poverty, and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

We’re going to game a better future for the world, fight poverty, restore habitat (plants, animals, indigenous peoples/cultures), clean the air and improve the weather.

Good Goal Group seeks volunteers and founding members to co-create the Good Game, a platform aiming to green the world using the power of the internet.

Using crowdsourcing, online education, project matchmaking and crowdfunding, to cut out as many layers as possible to minimize overhead of development projects and fair trade. By using for-profit methods, much like micro-finance, so that all involved (all the cash-poor) get a small income, participation will be attractive while minimizing corruption.

If all these activities will be brought together into a game, the point and award systems will challenge, guide and monitor the players, enables us to reward achievements and maximize global participation.

How does this game work in practice?

  • connecting online
  • project matchmaking using design protocols (culture + sector specific)
  • education
  • crowdsourcing
  • online marketing
  • crowdfunding
  • reputation + expertise rating
  • carbon + social footprint rating

How do we plan on such an important and complex project? Check out our About page for more details.