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It can be done!
“The two defining challenges of our century are climate change and poverty.
And if we fail on one, we will fail on the other” – Lord Nicholas Stern, 2009.

We propose
1)      To ensure greater Carbon Storage through tree planting and tree caring.

  • Increasing the global biomass 1% a year would be enough to compensate for all fossil fuel based emissions – by sequestering carbon in wood and in the ground.

  • Labeling and registering all trees planted with a Tree Code (linked to maps and a wiki) for monitoring and development.

2)      To fight poverty by providing a source of basic income for the poor

  • By ensuring monthly payments to all participants (tree-planters, tree-carers and monitors) across the globe, for all registered trees; a system called Tree Credits.

Our platform
TreeCredits would be enabled and implemented on an internet based gamified platform, called The Good Game, where –

  • Individual Players can volunteer for meaningful Good Causes and learn to plan and organize real projects, build a global social network and have fun at the same time!

  • Projects can be brainstormed and outlined, crowdfunded and monitored in individual projects forums using our specially designed protocols.

  • Other Private Development Initiatives can also join to increase their reach and effectiveness.

We would use the ever increasing influence of the internet and benefit from market forces

to fight corruption and maximize impact,  creating a sustainable, lasting green revolution!

Please see our Help Wanted page for details on how you can help.

What are the basic facts and science concerning this project? Check out our Introduction page for more.